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Welcome to Junior Draft Picks

Jr Draft Picks is a non-profit organization that reaches out to children as well as adults with autism and all aspects of special needs through health fitness fun and the community. JR Draft Picks, is a group of professional athletes such as NFL player Lemar Marshall as well as his colleagues believe in complementary health education and fun while shedding light on our special needs community and putting them first.

Our mission is to provide kids that have autism or special needs with opportunities that are often overlooked to ensure that their physical needs are met and the mental challenges are being overcome through physical and mental stimulation and education.


Autism = all united to initiate a universal movement

Albert Einstein

This should give us a second look at those who we consider different, and make us realize that being different is not a bad thing. It is instead, something to be celebrated and accepted.


Michelangelo has been described as strange, without affect, and isolated, as well as being “preoccupied with his own private reality.” These characteristics may point to a diagnosis of autism and may have helped him become the creatively artistic individual he is famous for.

Andy Warhol

After all, Asperger’s is only an insult if you view it as such. Michael Fitzgerald would contend that Warhol is a member of a club that might also include such greats as Socrates, Darwin, Yeats and Einstein. Pathology or not, it’s a club I’d sign up for.